Vivid Ring stacker Lacing Toy Wood bowling set

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Set of 3 Montessori toys

Save over 20% on our Montessori toy set! The complete selection of Wooden toys your little one must have till Kindergarten.

Introducing our complete Montessori toy collection for infants/toddlers aged 3 months to 2 years old.

This wooden toy selection includes vivid Montessori toys:

- 1 Wooden stacking toy
- 1 Rainbow lacing beads toy
- 1 Wood bowling set

Here's how each toy will develop your little one:

We can all quickly recognize our little one's big skills like talking, crawling, or walking. However, more delicate progress is happening in your toddler's brain at this stage. They begin to develop cognitive connections, which are the foundation for more visible breakthroughs like problem-solving.

From 8 months, you should introduce stacking, nesting, and matching toys to develop these cognitive skills as your toddler's brain grow.

рџ’› Wooden stacking toy

Introduce your children to measurement, spatial reasoning, with our Rainbow Stacking Toy.
This Wooden rainbow toy, the wooden rainbow stacker is an interactive and exciting toy designed to help your child develop their sensory and spatial learning processes.

This stacking toy set is composed of 8 different wooden rainbow stacking pieces.

Each block's size changes consistently from the smallest to the biggest, so your child can arrange them according to both color and size.

Material: Wood
Toy size:

- Rainbow stacker toy length is 7.4" (19cm), width is 2.8" (7cm) in diameter.

Each toy contains: 7pcs

Developmentally appropriate ages: 4+

рџ’› Rainbow lacing beads toy

Our Wood Lacing Toys are designed for toddlers with a developed gross level of hand & eye coordination.
Rainbow lacing beads toy will help your little one improve their hand-eye coordination and also lay the groundwork for basic shapes.


- Each wooden lacing toy set length is 9.4" (24cm) with a diameter of 1.6" (4cm).

Each Rainbow lacing beads toy contains 8 pieces.

рџ’› Wood bowling set


This bowling set contains two wooden balls and 6 bowling pins:

- Each wooden bowling pin is 5.9" (15cm) in height and 1.8" (4.5cm) in diameter.

- Each wooden ball is 2" (5cm) in diameter.


рџЊІ Handmade of natural linden wood
рџЄ“ Smoothly sanded
рџ™Џ Handmade wooden toys
рџЊ± Eco-friendly toys for kids
рџ‘ј For children from 3 months old
рџЊЏ We ship worldwide

рџ“ќ Send us a message if you have any questions

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