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Stand out from the crowd at any event by wearing our unique, unusual, these exclusive brooches, pins, or even earrings.
This lacquer jewelry set depicts a cute panda who eats leaves.

Made in the Kholui villages of Russia, our gorgeous Russian lacquer brooches are made according to old traditions overseen by professional artists.


Hair clip: l = 10cm / 3.9"; w = 5cm / 2";

Earrings: l = 6cm / 2.4"; w = 3.5cm / 3.3";

Pin: d = 5cm / 2";

Lacquer brooches are made of high-quality pressed wood cardboard (paper-mГўchГ©) soaked in hot linseed oil. A primer consisting of linseed oil, soot, and clay is applied. Then its surface is coated with black oil varnish. The miniature paintings are made with tempera egg paints with the addition of cherry resin. The painted surface is covered with oil varnish (up to eight layers) and polished.

A brooch, pin, or clip can be used to:
вљњпёЏ Fasten a dress, robe, or blouse
вљњпёЏ Hold up a sleeve or cuff
вљњпёЏ Gather and pin a scarf

You can use them as accessories. Our brooches, pins, and clips can be worn and displayed in a variety of places such as:

вљњпёЏNear a neckline; at the side, center, or collar of a dress, jacket, sweater, shirt, or blouse
вљњпёЏOn a pocket, waistline belt, or a hat
вљњпёЏ On a tie, scarf, or shawl
вљњпёЏ On a necklace or strand of beads or pearls at the front, side, or back
вљњпёЏ On a bracelet, a ring, purse, shoes, present, lampshade
вљњпёЏ On a band or ribbon in the hair

See more handmade lacquer pins, jewelry boxes, and accessories here: Russian Traditional Fine Art Nesting Dolls by FirebirdWorkshop

Find something for yourself or a perfect gift for someone special to you. We're always creating something new and unique, thanks to our talented artists. You can also find antique, vintage, and handmade jewelry.

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