Easter eggs, Faberge egg, Easter decor gift box

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Welcome in the spirit of Easter with our Easter gift box. These wooden eggs in Faberge style are the perfect Easter decor items.


- 5 pieces nesting egg

- The biggest nesting egg: h=16cm (6.3") d=9cm (3.5")
- The smallest nesting egg: h=16cm (6.3") d=9cm (3.5")

- 3 big wooden eggs : h = 7cm (2.7"), w = (1.77")

- 3 small wooden eggs : h = 5cm (2") , w = 3cm (1.1")

We've combined traditional Russian Nesting eggs with designs inspired by original Imperial Faberge Eggs. You may be wondering what is a Faberge egg?

FabergГ© eggs or Imperial eggs are jeweled eggs created by the House of FabergГ© under the supervision of Peter Carl FabergГ©, in Saint Petersburg, the Russian Empire. Manufactured between 1885 and 1917, as many as 69 were created, of which 57 survive today. They were special easter gifts from an emperor to his wife and mother.

Now, Russian nesting eggs have been around for way longer than the nesting doll itself. Some historians believe that the Matryoshka was inspired by the nesting easter eggs. So like matryoshka dolls, nesting eggs open up to reveal a smaller egg inside.

By painting and decorating nesting eggs in the style of Faberge eggs, we have created a unique ornament/gift/ decor item unseen or unheard of before.

Our Faberge nesting eggs are handmade by professional artists.

We create them using:
вњ” Premium linden wood
вњ” Gold leaf
вњ” Swarovski crystals
вњ” Egg Tempera

CARE: Clean with a damp cloth.

PACKAGING: We use eco-friendly recyclable packaging. The eggs will be carefully packed in the gift filler.

вњ… Clean, Safe & High-Quality Ornaments:

FirebirdWorkshop's products adhere to the Highest Quality Standard across Europe, the United States. Our mission is to create wooden items and ornaments that are 100% safe for even newborn babies.

вњ… 100% Eco-Friendly Easter decor:

We use natural high-grade linden wood, 100% ethically sourced. Our wooden ornaments are strong, durable, lightweight, and suitable for any decor pattern.

вњ… Great Gift for Easter:

Delight your loved ones in this wonderful gift box!

Thank you for shopping with us.

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