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To thank their loyal customers, they decided to make an unusual gift -branded matryoshka with QR-code leading to their website.
If you want to be original - you should surprise initially. :)

It was not a standard nesting doll, because it was just one place doll 10 cm (4") heigh. So, first of all, we asked our turners to carve 100 of blank dolls for this project.

Sometimes our customers make design files by themselves, and this case was like that.
Our artist painted a sample according to customer file design. After confirming the lacquered sample, she made a hundred dolls wearing sunglasses. It took two weeks to paint this project and one more week to lacquer it.

One hundred dolls are ready to make smile a hundred regular customers of the restaurant Crub&Burger in Saint-Petersburg. And I have a feeling they will need more branded nesting dolls soon.

How to place a custom order:

If you would like the same nesting doll, you can buy this listing.
If you have your extraordinary idea - send us a private message.
Stages of custom order creation:
We confirm the sketch.
We send you the invoice.
You pay for it, and we start painting the dolls. We send pictures of the work process to you to confirm. It takes us around a week for order like one shown in this listing.
We lacquer it. It takes one more week.
We ship it
You receive it and enjoy it or maybe give it to the one you love.
Production time is about 3-5 weeks; the delivery time is about two weeks.

Need by date - let us know, so we would work the schedules to make sure we can deliver on time for your gift-giving event.

Thank you for being with us!

Yulia & Firebird family members

The customer's idea was to create branded matryoshka to give it to their loyal partners and customers as thank you gift.

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